Accommodation rules

1. The booking form is a booking request and there is no commitment on your part or on the part of the camping. 

2. After confirming the availability of places from the camping you will be given a bank account to pay the deposit. 

3. Your reservation is valid only after the deposit of 30% of the total amount or other amount that will be agreed with the reservations department and you will be charged with all the expenses of the Bank. 

4. The deposit must be proved by sending a fax or e-mail of the bank deposit. 

5. Your place or accommodation will be available after 14:30. 

6. Delivery of the place or accommodation and closing of your account must be done no later than 11:45. Otherwise you will be charged extra overnight. 

7. Pets are accepted under certain conditions. In any case that creates problems (annoying barking, dirt, entering the sea, or circulating freely) will be a reason to cancel the reservation. Pets are not allowed when booking rental accommodation. 

8. Learn about the general rules of operation of Camping. The company reserves the right to terminate your stay in case of violation of the terms of the regulation. 

9. The power supply is 880 Watt and does not lift appliances with resistance, such as electric hobs, ovens, grills, hair dryers, etc. Make sure you are equipped with cable and ballast. 

10. Extending your stay is not always possible. Camping can not guarantee that customers will remain in the same position, despite all the effort. 

11. In case of cancellation of your reservation, the deposit is refunded only when the cancellation is made 21 days before the scheduled arrival date. 

12. In case of cancellation of the reservation in less than 21 days you will be charged with 50% of the deposit amount, while in case of cancellation in less than 5 days the deposit is deducted in favor of the campsite. 

13. In case of cancellation of the reservation during your stay you will be charged with 50% of the remaining amount for the period you stated. 

14. The camping location is given exclusively by the Reception and is demarcated with various markings (plants, stakes, etc.). It is forbidden to violate the boundaries of the place in any way (ropes, awnings, umbrellas, etc.). 


15. Car parking is allowed within the limits of the indicated location and in the defined and demarcated parking spaces that are granted to each customer. Do not wash cars 

16. In case there are customers who have not been declared, the Camping Administration has the right to eliminate in addition to them the campers who host them or to impose fines amounting to € 200 per person. 

17. Change of position is possible only exceptionally and with the permission of the Reception. The company reserves the right to change position in a camping vehicle if there is a special reason. 


18. Guests of daily or longer duration are allowed after consultation with the Reception, depending on availability, with a corresponding charge based on price list. Upon entry, of course, the same check-in procedure is followed, which applies to all customers. 


19. Campers must faithfully follow the instructions given to them in case of fire. Lighting candles and insect repellents (eg candles, snakes, etc.) and lighting a fire for any reason is expressly prohibited. You are only allowed to use gas on metal grills and if all the necessary precautions have been taken in accordance with the provisions of the fire and forest service (eg fire extinguisher, etc.). 


20. The owners of caravans and tents must disconnect them from the mains in their absence, otherwise they are responsible in case of fire due to this reason. 

21. During the hours of common silence, it is forbidden to cause any kind of noise, such as loud speeches, music playback, use of musical instruments, celebrations, etc., as well as the movement of any vehicle. All other hours music and other activities should be performed at a low volume with respect to other customers. 


Permanent constructions 

Any construction, addition, intervention on the camping site and camping equipment that alters the image of the accommodation, such as, for example, construction of roof, fencing, storage, barbecue, etc., regardless of construction materials, is prohibited. It is also forbidden to remove the wheels from the caravans and to support the tents with measures other than those provided for. In case any of the indicative alterations mentioned above - surgeries or some other form of construction is found and the camper does not comply with the instructions of the Camping staff, 

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